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Lenny - Enemy (single) [A]
Eva Salina & Peter Stan - Sudbina [A]
The Weight Band - World Gone Mad [A]
My Octopus Mind - Live at Full Circle (EP) [P. E. Ms]
Tia Fuller - Diamond Cut (
forthcoming) [A]
GTM Live Volume 1: Scallywag Party (
forthcoming) [P. E. Ms. Mu]
Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags - Another Scallywag Party (
forthcoming) [P. E. Ms. Mu]
Pete Lemer Quintet - Son of Local Color (
forthcoming) [E]
H2drOp - 4th State of Water (
forthcoming) [Co-P. M]
Que Pasa - Live at the Rhodes (
forthcoming) [P. E. Ms]
Malika Collective - Live in the Hootenany (EP) (
forthcoming) [P. E. Ms. Mu]
The Smokey Taps - The Smokey Taps (
forthcoming) [P. E. Ms]

Natalie Merchant - Frozen Charlotte (single) [A]
Natalie Merchant - Wonder: Introducing Natalie Merchant [A]
Krystof - 25 (
5x Platinum record) [A. Mu]
Charlie Winston - Under Cover (EP) [E]
Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags - A Scallywag Party [P. E. Ms. Mu]
Elias Krell - As Eli [E. Mu]
Jamie R
eynolds - Grey Mirror [A]
Julian Velard - Fancy Words for Failure [A]
Rum Buffalo - Whisky on the Fire (single) [P. E. Ms]
Thidius - Mention Nothing (single) [Mu]
Fanny Hatstand Presents Songs From The Meadow [Ms. Mu]
Dende - Come Again [Ms]

Richard Reed Parry, Caroline Shaw, Little Scream, Garth Hudson - Brokedown Palace [Mu]
Lindsey Webster - Back To Your Heart [A]
Dark Horse Flyer - Hotel Paradise [A]
P - Producer
E - Audio Engineer (Recording/Editing/Mixing)
A - Assistant Engineer
M - Mixing Engineer
Ms - Mastering Engineer
Mu - Musician
C - Composer

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